Frequently asked questions


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

All our treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer from the compulsory basic health insurance. We do not charge a personal contribution for treatment.


Obligatory deductible excess

If you follow treatment with our organization, your health insurer may charge a deductible excess of at least € 385. We also ask a deposit of € 350 for any unforeseen medical costs outside our treatment. We will refund this deposit to you after the recovery programme, provided it has not been used.

Additional costs

Ticket and comfort costs are at your own expense. These depend on the location of your treatment and can be found on our page about costs and reimbursements. The only other thing we ask from you is your willingness to tackle addiction with full commitment.

If the main problem is addiction and if you are motivated to stop your addiction, you’re eligible for admission at Connection SGGZ. It is also necessary that you bring a referral letter from your GP and your health insurance card to the intake interview. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with the assessment without these documents.

As we regard accessibility of care as very important, we do everything we can to keep our waiting lists short. This means we can schedule an assessment in a timely manner.

Outpatient treatment in Eindhoven lasts 10 weeks on average. This might vary per person. Inpatient treatment in South Africa lasts 9 weeks on average. For aftercare, you can count on our support for at least 9 weeks after treatment.

A person's motivation to overcome addiction is very important. We do not do compulsory admissions. However, we can support you to come up with a solution and make the addict realise that treatment is necessary.

We offer Specialist Mental Health Care and specialise in treating addiction and its root causes. Connection SGGZ is an independent initiative with its own identity and unique way of working. We are not part of mainstream mental health institutions or other addiction care organizations.

We advise you to call in sick at work. If you like, we can confirm to the employer that your notification is justified. We can also keep your admission secret. Whichever you choose, is entirely up to you.

Connection SGGZ refers crisis situations to your GP or the emergency room. We do not facilitate a crisis service.

At our Eindhoven location, we offer outpatient care. Inpatient admission always takes place in South Africa or Meerlo (the Netherlands). However, the addiction assessment always takes place at our Eindhoven location.

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